Welcome to my lovely sister

A couple months ago my sister approached me  with the idea of starting a shared food blog. Initially, the idea was to create a new collaborative blog, but why, when this one already exists, is hungry for more posts and there is no reason why we can’t continue with this one together.
My sister is a wonderful writer and a fantastic hobby photographer. I am really happy to have her join in the food blogging fun. Hannah lives in the United States so our collaboration will be from a distance but hopefully we can use that to our advantage. You can expect more food but now from the two of us!
Because we live so far apart from each other we always have to put in some extra effort to keep in contact and to be a part of each others lives. It is easy to forget the little things that you can take for granted when your family lives around the corner. I am so excited she is joining me on this blog, one more way to keep us together and have fun in the meantime!
Welcome Hannah!


I love food!

I know there are a million food blogs out there but not being one to just read about other peoples adventures in food, I thought I would join in the fun of food blogging.

I consider myself a good cook partly because I have only ever had positive feedback on the dishes I have created but mostly because I love cooking and eating. Not only do I enjoy cooking myself but I get excited about culinary events, restaurant dining and sharing food with people I love.

Please be patient with me..being new to the blogging world is a little intimidating but a fantastic and exciting experience.