South Africa: On the road from Port Elizabeth to Cape Town

Part of our South Africa tour was a drive from port Elizabeth to Cape Town, stopping in a few of the seaside towns on the way.

One of the more impressive meals was found in port Elizabeth in a restaurant called The Colonial Kitchen. I ordered an appetizer as my main because I was so surprised to find the slow roasted bone marrow on the menu that I had to have it. It was delicious! Served with toasted bread and a light tomato flavored sauce. To add to the joy, the restaurant had a very sweet old cat that loved being petted and lazying around on the patio.
Further along the journey to Cape Town we stopped in a town called Mossel Bay. We booked a very cute hotel, The Santos Express, which is an old train looking over the beach. My suit was beautiful and felt like I was transported in time. Unfortunately the weather was not on our side. Rain poured down the entire day. We took a little stroll bout found that not too many places of interest were open so we headed back to the hotel and enjoyed a waterblom bredie, a stew type dish traditional to South Africa. Waterbloem is a small water flower found in small ponds only blooming in the warm winter months. The Waterbloem didn’t add to much of an unknown flavor it is more like having a long slow roasted vegetable like courgette or green beans. The stew is typically made with lamb meat and potatoes.
Further down the road, our next stop was a little town called Fish Hoek. While searching for a place to sleep for the night and seeing so many cute sea see town pictures we settled on a B&B in Fish Hoek. Little did we know that Fish Hoek did not have the same picturesque vibe that we saw in the surrounding towns like Kalk Bay. Only two restaurants in the town and the one in walking distance was closed. So we caught a cab to Kalk Bay to eat at the Cape to Cuba restaurant. This was a funny place, very bright and colorful with Cuban inspired dishes. The pictures of the food were not notable but this gives you a taste of the decor including a swing.
Upon arriving in Cape Town we enjoyed a two day stop and  got to explore the city a bit before moving on to the famous South African vineyards.
Cape Town has so many restaurants to choose from. We spent some time at the harbor area that looks out over the small fishing boats, you have an enormous tourist mall and lots of harbor side restaurants. Very, very touristy but endless choice. One of the restaurants we stopped at in the city center was called Hemelhuijs. The food was not only beautiful but also delicious. Starting with an orange wine with basil and soda, I ordered the veal with crab butter, parmesan and pine nuts. This did not disappoint, since both veal and crab are very soft flavors one did not overpower the other and was really a very lovely meal.

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