Asparagus with Taleggio and Avocado Pasta

More asparagus! I have a general preference for green asparagus than white. I enjoy the flavor more and not having to peel them is a bonus. Also it is green asparagus season so why not.


I wasn’t quite sure where I was going with buying asparagus and taleggio cheese on the Saturday market but that is how most of my meal planning develops.

Taleggio is an Italian semi-soft cheese made from cows milk. It has a stinkier smell than the fairly mild flavor. It also melts nicely which worked well for my pasta dish.

Aside from the pasta and simply steaming the asparagus I used half an avocado (finely smashed), 50 grams of taleggio and a drizzle of olive oil to give a more creaminess to the whole thing. A bit of salt and pepper and quite a bit of stirring to melt the taleggio, dinner was served!

Asparagus pizza

I love spending lazy (Sunday) afternoons on the internet looking at food. I crossed paths with the Kitchn grilled pizza post which looked delicious and told me I could make the dough to eat within 2 hours! The only thing I was lacking was the traditional  pizza toppings like tomatoe sauce and an outside grill. 

 So it is not really a pizza but dough grilled on a cast iron pan with asparagus and mozzarella. It was tasty none the less. Especially I the one I put bacon on. But again I love just about all things with bacon. 

On a side note, I really need to work on my pizza dough shaping technique. We will call this a rustic look.