Barcelona – La Boqueria

Living in Europe has its perks with many amazing destinations within a small continent. Mini- vacations are relaxing and hectic all wrapped into an amazing 3 or 4 days over a long weekend. I always want to get the most out of a weekend getaway, as many cultural and touristy sights as I can while still taking it easy enough to enjoy the days off from work and natural rhythm of the destination. I am not usually a fan of the major tourist sights but, more often than not, they are historically and culturally significant and warrant a visit.

Recently I took one of these mini-vacations in Barcelona. It has so much to offer! Beach, shopping, arts, tourism and of course FOOD.

I could spend days in La Boqueria. This market is impressive, also probably one of the most accessible and famous as it is right on La Rambla and very hard to miss.


Stall after stall of fresh produce, dried chilies, fresh sea food, cured meats and the list goes on.  Finding food that I had never seen before is such a treat. For example, I had never encountered green almonds or almond fruit before. I snapped this picture and promptly googled this once I could find some free wi-fi.


If you are looking for some brain or pig feet this is the place to go. (Some of the other items in the picture are unidentifiable to me. I am not brushed up enough pig anatomy).


So many intriguing products. A bit of a downside is that I could not take a single thing with me to try at home. Maybe next time I can go for longer and rent an apartment with a kitchen to have a bit of fun!

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