Reykjavik Iceland

Iceland was never really high on my list of places to visit. It always seemed interesting to me but I am not normally a fan of cold so the name (very bad reason for not wanting to visit somewhere, I know) and the fact that I knew next to nothing of Iceland, just that I fly over it and Greenland each time I travel to and from the US, stopped me from making it a top place to visit on my list. Part of my sisters vacation in Holland last summer was a planned stop over in Reykjavik on her return to the USA. So the chance was also there for me to visit Iceland with her and I took it! Iceland does live up to its name. Summer weather is a cool 15 Celsius degrees with a bitting northern wind which means the extra sweater, light summer jacket and the shawl just wasn’t quite enough to be comfortable. It was still pretty cool to see the geothermal pools, volcanic landscape and beautiful waterfalls! Since Iceland is a volcanic island they do not have the same agricultural opportunities as most countries. They either have to import or grow food in green houses. Meaning food and anything ‘fresh’ is hard to come by or really expensive. They do have an abundance of fish (obviously). Whales used to be on the list of delicacies of Iceland but since tourism has boomed in Iceland the tourist are endangering the whale population and they have some activist groups working with the whale watching tours discouraging tourists from trying whale. There are still plenty of Icelandic foods to try. Fermented shark (Hákarl) and dried haddock on the top of the unique foods to attempt try.


The died and salted haddock was not bad, required a big gulp of water afterwards but not at all bad. It was just a very salty fish.

The shark on the other hand was more of a dare with myself and believing that you should always try something once, so I managed to eat two very very small pieces. I did not at all taste shark or have the slightest fish flavor but ammonia. An incredibly overpowering ammonia taste. BUT I did it and I now know to never to do it again. Thanks to my wonderful sister as she captured the moment.

Iceland foodblog - LL eating shark

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