Disastrous dessert

I felt like baking and normally I keep my baking when I need to for a dinner or something to take as a ‘gift’. I usually don’t bake for no reason since it means I will have to eat it all myself which is not the wisest course of action. Since few of my neighbors are really nice people and they have had a bit of drama lately I thought that I could bake them something just to be nice and maybe brighten their day. Well that was a disaster, my neighbors don’t even know about this attempt and I am having to eat it on my own anyway.

Simple nectarine torte can’t go wrong… First I wanted to use a small spring form to make a smaller torte but I realized that my small spring form doesn’t spring anymore and the clap is broken. So I thought individual cakes would be just as tasty and cute to use, well they overflowed while baking then they stuck to the sides. I had to scrape them out making a huge crumbling mess.

While I am ok with failed attempts I am not ok with giving it away so I quickly hung up some yogurt in a cheese cloth to drain for a few hours before making the crumbs with a dollop thickened yogurt as my dessert. Still yum and sorry neighbors I’ll try again soon.

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