Redwine beef and shaved asparagus pitas

In the middle of some DIY projects and some lovely Dutch weather I stumbled upon an easy summer dinner. I already have an avocado addiction but I also love the classic combination of red wine and beef. I frequently make red wine burgers but sometimes I don’t feel like the whole tah-dah of the burger (or I am missing the buns) so I get creative. This time I ended up having red wine ground beef with avocado and asparagus stuffed pitas. So fresh and easy and summery and delicious. Below is a very very short (more like guidelines instead of recipe) explanation of these pitas




Red-wine Beef:

Beef fried off in a skillet with some salt and pepper, I added some garlic and shallots at the end. Once browned a spoon full of flour and let that one brown too before adding some (a glass) of wine and a hand full of thyme sprigs. Then I let it cook out on low heat to reduce so that I didn’t actually have a juicy gravy like sauce but that the ground beef was ” fluffy”.

Avocado and asparagus

Shaved with a vegetable peeler raw asparagus (the first one is a bit of a pain but once I got the hang of focused and deliberate shavings it works well). An avocado chopped into cubish looking pieces a drizzle of olive oil, salt and pepper and some parmesan cheese shavings give it a quick toss. You can also squeeze some lemon juice or you can replace the parmesan with pecorino or some yummy hard goats cheese.

Stuff all of this into a (store-bought) pita. You can find home made pita recipes but since this is a an easy and quick dinner I don’t really think the home made pita process of minimum hour and half timing falls into my definition of quick today…maybe tomorrow.




2 thoughts on “Redwine beef and shaved asparagus pitas

  1. Yum! What is the flavor of raw asparagus compared to cooked? More bitter maybe? The boys love it roasted when the tops are a bit crispy but aren’t a fan of steamed or boiled.

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