Malaga, Spain

Vacations are always fantastic and mine was no exception. I took a 2 week break with a good friend to the south of Spain. The first week we spent sightseeing and culture sniffing in Malaga. The second week we spent Glamping in Alhaurín el Grande at the lovely Casa de Leila, more on this later.

We had beautiful weather and plenty of sights to see, Malaga has a rich history. The city facade shows the Roman and Moorish influences and history, To name a few of the sights: the Picasso museum including a visit to the house Picasso was born in. We hiked up the hill to Alczaba and the Castillo de Gilbrafaro which was so worth it not just because of the cultural significance but also for the beautiful view of Malaga and sparkling blue sea. We also spent a day or two just relaxing and hanging out on the beach.  In general I drink only one beer year and the hot sunny beach of Malaga was where I choose to do this.

More importantly we also ate so much wonderful food. Sea food grilled right on the beach, glasses of Cava and of course many many pinchos and tapas.

Malaga foodbog

Malaga also has a wonderful indoor fresh food market. These kind of markets are actually my favorite places to visit while on vacation. I always get to see so many unknown (to me) products. Mostly it is the bustle of a market and ogling the interesting products.




That was week one of the vacation and it was delicious!

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