Cinema Culinair

I had a really fun food experience not too long ago, cinema culinair. Hosted at Bird in Rotterdam, a Jazz podium and restaurant. The idea is to watch a movie and and eat/drink the same food at the same time as it is shown on screen. They started out as a neighborhood get together, now Bird (tries to) plan this once a month.

I was really curious how this whole thing would work, the food, the timing with the movie. Would we be getting/drinking everything shown in the movie or would they make a choice. How accurate will the food be in comparison to the film?

I got tickets to watch the movie Sideways, set in Napa Valley, California. The original event description did give a few hints at the menu (roughly 4 courses) and 4 half glasses of wine during the film.

We started out with wedding cake, although not quite the same cake since we ended up with a lemon merengue pie and in the film was lemon cake, but the second chocolate cake was then the ‘ same’ as the movie. The second dish was a greasy spoon breakfast, scrambled eggs with french toast and bacon. There after came a pork medallion with potatoes in a wasabi dressing, a soup with cheddar cheese. The next dish was a spareribs with corn bread and red cabbage and finally a very very sad hamburger patty and onion ring.

The breakfast and pork medallions were really very tasty. These were also the more happy moments in the film as well. What I found to be notable was the hamburger patty and inion ring. In that moment of the film it was quite heartbreaking and the food actually reflected this. An overdone hamburger patty with a few cold onion rings and a swig of wine from a paper cup. I am hoping that the ‘bad’ last meal was intentional since it fit very well with the emotion of the film at that moment.

The timing wasn’t perfect but considering they have 40 people to serve just at the right moment must be a challenge. I would almost prefer that they served a few minutes too early so that everyone could eat with in time with the film.

I suppose you could call this the ultimate dinner and a movie combo.

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