Jasmine Tea Granita



I tested another recipe from the food 52 community contests, an iced tea granita. This was such a simple and delightful summer snack (I am not really sure what to call this since it is more like a frozen drink than a snack) . The original recipe asked for steeped and cooled tea combined with lemon juice and sugar. I usually don’t prefer lemon in my tea but this was not bad. The recipe is really very versatile so I decided to make another couple of batches playing around with the tea flavor. One of my favorites was with jasmine tea (picture). I did omit the lemon juice when making my jasmine tea granita. The recipe gives lot of room to play with the tea flavor.

The jasmine tea granita recipe is only slightly adjusted from the Food52 site.

250 mil steeped jasmine tea

43 grams of sugar

Heat both in a small pan until the sugar has dissolved then let cool until the mixture can be transferred to a dish for freezing. Freeze for 3 hours giving a quick stir to break up the already formed ice crystals, freeze again for another 3 hours or longer. When serving scrape at the frozen mixture and spoon into a glass.

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