La Chapelle flyer

I mentioned in my post of Antwerpen Proeft that I got my hands on a flyer from La Chapelle. Who knew that a chance to win a table for two at the opening of La Chapelle would get me so excited that I would have multiple dishes for the winning ticket (I can only hope it is a winning ticket).


(please don’t notice the finger prints, I should have wiped it off a bit more)

In the past few weeks I have baked, roasted, poached and boiled to get to my final entry picture. And here it is…

lachapelle2Roasted baby artichokes, slow roasted pork belly with asparagus and a raspberry tart.

I had a really difficult time deciding on the dish(es) to make. I also made a green tea poached salmon (sadly the pictures for these are really not presentable) and a beet ravioli filled with goats cheese and  sage.



While I love the ravioli I just did not like the way the end picture presented next to the raspberry tart and decided I needed a different dish as my main course. Honestly it was not so horrible to have to make another favorite like pork belly.

It goes with out saying that a table at the opening would be awesome, but win or loose I have eaten my way through many of my favorite dishes which is always a win for me.

2 thoughts on “La Chapelle flyer

  1. Lies, the photos are great. Good luck with your entry. Hope you get a table and wish I could be there to share it! The images make me feel like I can almost taste the deliciousness. Too bad about the ravioli, the contrast of the goat cheese and sage against the deep beet pasta is absolutely stunning. Not to say that the pork belly doesn’t look delicious too – as do the tart and baby artichokes. What a meal! Can’t wait to to visit so we can cook, eat and drink more champagne!

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