La Chapelle flyer

I mentioned in my post of Antwerpen Proeft that I got my hands on a flyer from La Chapelle. Who knew that a chance to win a table for two at the opening of La Chapelle would get me so excited that I would have multiple dishes for the winning ticket (I can only hope it is a winning ticket).


(please don’t notice the finger prints, I should have wiped it off a bit more)

In the past few weeks I have baked, roasted, poached and boiled to get to my final entry picture. And here it is…

lachapelle2Roasted baby artichokes, slow roasted pork belly with asparagus and a raspberry tart.

I had a really difficult time deciding on the dish(es) to make. I also made a green tea poached salmon (sadly the pictures for these are really not presentable) and a beet ravioli filled with goats cheese and  sage.



While I love the ravioli I just did not like the way the end picture presented next to the raspberry tart and decided I needed a different dish as my main course. Honestly it was not so horrible to have to make another favorite like pork belly.

It goes with out saying that a table at the opening would be awesome, but win or loose I have eaten my way through many of my favorite dishes which is always a win for me.

Lowlands 2012

I  love living in the Netherlands. I could do with a little less rain on occasion but really if you want the green landscape and beautiful flowers you gotta have the rain. What I especially love about the Netherlands is that there is so much to do. I have already mentioned some of the culinary events that take place around the country and hopefully I will be able to share more of these in the future but the cultural and musical events are endless. One of my favorites is Lowlands.  A Camping Flight to Lowlands is a 3 day music festival hosting bands from all genres, stand-up comedy, street theatre, dance performances, and cinema. The festival has about 55,000 visitors.

Lowlands 2012 was hot! (awesome but also hot in temperature). We had the hottest weekend since 1994, between 35 and 40 degrees celsius without a cooling breeze. I used more than a bottle of sunscreen (SPF 70, yes it exists, in fact SPF 110 exists) in those 3 days. While I would have preferred 10 degrees cooler it was a fantastic weekend. Food and music…what more can you ask for (like a proper bed and shower in a hotel room maybe?) How about we settle for a wine bar?! (Once the sun went down I  frequently stopped by here on the way to the next band)



I was not particularly focused on getting pictures of food during this weekend but I can certainly tell you about how good the food was for a music festival. Jamie Oliver’s Fifteen had a booth, there was a delicious stall with stone oven baked pizzas, Surnames food, fair trade food booth, pancakes, coffee houses and many many more.

Last but not least a fondue stand.


They served a creamy leek and dutch cheese fondue. Delicious.


While enjoying the lovely food I was also able to see several of my favorite bands like The XX, Mark Lanegan Band, Triggerfinger, Hot Chip  and if those names don’t ring any bells how about Foo Fighters closing off the festival. I can’t wait for next year, I was lucky enough to get tickets! They sold out within half an hour of going on sale .


These beautiful heirloom tomatoes were needed for a recipe that I am testing for someones new cookbook. I am excited to have the opportunity again to help test. Since I can’t share the recipe with you I thought I would show you the gorgeous tomatoes I used.