Orange. This is all you really need to know about Queensday. The Dutch national holiday celebrating the queen and royal family is all about the orange. This year, the queen announced that she will be handing the crown to her son. From now on we will have Kingsday. The inauguration of the king made this Queensday extra special, so special that grocery stores and brands created products just for this momentous occasion.

Anyone want to make a pot kings soup? A box of only orange ingredients like carrots, orange paprika and an orange , including a recipe to make this orange soup.

Kings soup

How about a kings burger? hamburger with an orange crust

Kings burger

One of my favorites was the kings cream puffs covered in orange with eyes and a crown on top.

Kings cream puff

Even my beloved Delicious magazine was in full orange. Ok, I bought orange flowers too.

orange flowers


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