Leiden Culinair 2012

The first of the foodie festivals this past summer was Leiden Culinaire. With the rainy summer we had the weather was pretty decent. Only one short rain shower to have us scrambling for cover. Oh how I love food fairs. I make it a point to visit the food festivals I have not been to before. The 2012 summer plans were Leiden, Maastricht and Tilburg and perhaps Rotterdam in the autumn. Unfortunately Dordt op je Bord had been cancelled because of lack of sponsorship so I made do without. Hopefully they will manage to get it organized for 2013.

Leiden culinair was great fun. Most of the food was delicious. Some was just not edible.


On the short walk into town I caught the first couple minutes of a boat race in the canal.


Tortellone con caprino e limone and Tortellone radicchio e speck ( Tortellinni’s filled with goats cheese with a lemon tomato and sage sauce and Tortellinni’s filled with radicchio and bacon in a creamy Gorgonzola sauce with walnuts)

I have to says the radicchio tortellinni was the best. Since I am not a blue cheese fan I skipped eating the blocks of cheese and the sauce was only very lightly flavored by the blue cheese. The other tortellinni was good but lacked flavor. I wouldn’t have known there was goats cheese in it.

Veal with a parsnip purée and bayleaf sauce.

This one was delightful. I suppose I have gone a bit parsnip crazy lately. I love the sweet earthy flavor. Fantastic roasted, puréed, fried or just as a creamy soup. The Sweat earthy flavor of the parsnip puree complimented the veal beautifully.

Vegetarian coquille made from Jerusalem artichoke with a cream of confit carrot, caviar and seaweed and oysters with a cheesy sauce

The food looked delicious and the creativity is much appreciated. The flavor was horrible, I just  couldn’t finish these.

I had many more mini dishes to try sometime I forgot to take a picture others didn’t look the best but were tasty none the less.

The little champagne car we normally see at the Rotterdam kunsthal kookt event was also in Leiden. How could I  pass this up. Cheers!

Finally in the midst of eating and drink some colorful ladies showed up. I am not sure of they were hired for the event or just happened to be out on the town.

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